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Cast upon these waves

the henbit diaries

Many things have I encountered as I’ve rolled along on this long river. 

Flowers old and young. Rocks rough and smooth. Fellow travelers. The waters have been torrent in places. Yet the wind carries us onward. How gentle the wind breathes upon the waters. How many of us will arrive at our designated destinations? Though the waters rise and fall and the currents tumble us long and hard, the wind blows us where it will and we must embrace and take hold of its mercy. Oh, that all who roll along the waters would trust the wind’s wise and strong hand!

the henbit diaries

Can we avoid the ravens and the water dwellers who seek to devour us? Perhaps the currents and the plunging rocks will whirl us far away from their sites. Perhaps our seeds or remains will grow or nourish others decades after we depart. To all the leaves who have gone before me and now lie waste in the murky deep, may your legacy look on in goodness and joy knowing the life you feed and inspire. 

Many miles await me if I am graced to bear them. If I do so well as to avoid the twigs and fallen branches wherein I may become lost and pulled under. Lead me on softly wind and water, and let me roll swift and steady for the fullest length of my abode along this river. Thrilled and excited I am to take in the beauty which I have yet to see! To spend the number of my days and to cast these seeds upon shores which will accept taking root of them; this is my finest purpose. For this, I continue on. Staying afloat and fixed on what lies ahead!


So much more wisdom to be gained, yet whilst I record my henbit diaries


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