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Life is never what it seems, you know?


Sometimes people make promises. And sometimes people keep promises.

But rarely do those who make, keep. Or those who keep, make.


If you knew my life you would likely back away and walk on by.


But there is a piece of truth to this song I stumbled across on the interwebs that I would like to share here:

Sara Haze Every Heart

I encourage you to click that link and listen to it.

There’s something about the bliss and innocence in the lyrics that flashes me back (several) decades to my juvenile years long forgotten.


Before you judge the surface of the simplified Disney-esque lyrics and melodic whatchamacall’ems, think back about your life…


What things are you still hanging on to in your life after all these years?

What hurts have cut you so deep that you have changed your entire way of life around those very reasons you wished you’d never emulate?


Life is all too short for hangings on.


I’ve made this website to attest to the fact that I’ve declared a separation between my future and my past.


Like the great divide that spans the continents, or the view from distant mountain peaks…



My moving forward.


You will find on this website my unsolicited advice and also my personal stories. Please feel free to give feedback positive and negative, but please at minimum, be civil.

~Louise A. Grady


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